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We are onepace.watch interested in the One Piece anime. We found a One Pace project that summarizes the episodes of One Piece and measures them on the original manga, but the site offers the episodes separately for download only in a zip file, and its size may reach 16 GB or more.
Therefore, we have organized the posts on our website for direct viewing, with the possibility of downloading, of course.

What is One Pace Project ?

One Pace is a team effort that started in March 2013 with the goal of matching the One Piece manga more accurately than Toei’s anime adaptation. We cut out filler scenes, non-canon reaction shots, padded sequences, and re-order scenes to stay truer to Oda’s manga.

The Team

Galaxy 9000 Editing, Timing
Sewil Editing, Timing, Webmaster
Feeso Editing, QC
Halee Music master
Datenshi Timing, Graphic maker
Grug QC
Pepperjack QC
Kaitou Yahiko Timing, Visual effects design
Rael Editing
Lance Timing
Gi-a Fosu Webmaster
DolphinWeabu QC
Gaijin Translation
Gigglebot Editing


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