How Many Episodes Are at One Pace?

The One Piece anime, known for its thrilling adventures, vibrant characters, and expansive world, has captivated fans for decades. However, its lengthy episode count, surpassing 1000 episodes, can be daunting for new viewers and time-consuming for re-watchers. This is where One Pace, a fan project dedicated to trimming the anime to its essential story by removing filler content and pacing issues, comes into play.

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Arc Summaries and Episode Counts

Romance Dawn (4 Episodes): Witness the dawn of an era as Monkey D. Luffy embarks on his quest to become the Pirate King. One Pace captures the essence of this monumental beginning in just 4 episodes, introducing viewers to Luffy’s undying will and infectious optimism.

Orange Town (3 Episodes): The Straw Hats’ clash with the comical yet cunning Buggy the Clown is succinctly told in 3 episodes. One Pace propels the story forward, emphasizing the crew’s burgeoning camaraderie and the ensuing comedic misadventures.

Syrup Village (6 Episodes): Usopp’s narrative of hope and bravado joins the One Piece lore in 6 episodes. One Pace trims the excess to highlight the themes of bravery, friendship, and the dreamer’s path that Usopp follows as he becomes a Straw Hat.

Gaimon (1 Episode): The peculiar tale of Gaimon, marooned with a treasure beyond his reach, is presented in a single episode. One Pace ensures this story remains a charming footnote in the Straw Hats’ journey, full of whimsy and heart.

Baratie (9 Episodes): The floating restaurant and the introduction of Sanji, the Straw Hats’ cook, unfold across 9 episodes. One Pace focuses on the narrative’s critical moments, from Sanji’s turbulent past to the intense battles that test the crew’s mettle.

Arlong Park (10 Episodes): Nami’s harrowing past and the crew’s confrontation with the tyrannical Arlong are compellingly condensed into 10 episodes. One Pace sharpens the arc, emphasizing the emotional stakes and the resolve of the Straw Hats to fight for their navigator’s freedom.

Loguetown (3 Episodes): The gateway to the Grand Line, where legends converge and fates are forged, is refined into 3 episodes. One Pace captures the essence of this pivotal arc, setting the stage for the epic adventures that await the Straw Hats.

Whisky Peak (2 Episodes): The deceptive welcome of Whisky Peak and the revelation of the Grand Line’s perils are distilled into 2 episodes. One Pace ensures that the suspense and the introduction of the Baroque Works syndicate are as potent as ever, setting up the larger narrative to come.

Reverse Mountain (2 Episodes): The entry to the Grand Line is a rite of passage for every pirate. One Pace has distilled this arc to two thrilling episodes that encapsulate the Straw Hats’ ascent into a new world of adventure and the dramatic confrontation with the unpredictable waters of Reverse Mountain.

Little Garden (5 Episodes): The arc that takes the Straw Hats back to the age of dinosaurs and giants is scaled down to five episodes. One Pace preserves the sense of danger and discovery as the crew learns valuable lessons from the honorable duel of the giants.

Drum Island (8 Episodes): The heartwarming tale of Tony Tony Chopper and his dream to become a great doctor is told in eight episodes. One Pace focuses on Chopper’s moving history and the crew’s battle against the bitter cold and a cruel king.

Arabasta (21 Episodes): The saga of a nation torn by civil war and the struggle against the tyrannical Crocodile is refined to twenty-one episodes. One Pace delivers a potent mix of political drama and intense battles, highlighting Princess Vivi’s desperate fight to save her country.

Jaya (8 Episodes): Eight episodes are dedicated to searching for the city of gold and introducing the sky island concept. One Pace retains the intrigue and the sense of looming adventure as the crew encounters the infamous Bellamy and learns of the legend of Gold Roger.

Skypiea (24 Episodes): The celestial adventure in the land above the clouds spans twenty-four episodes. One Pace presents the conflict with Enel and the history of the Shandians with a pace that mirrors the vastness and the mythic quality of the Skypiea arc.

Long Ring Long Land (6 Episodes): The Davy Back Fight with the Foxy Pirates and the quirky trials the Straw Hats face are captured in six episodes. One Pace ensures the arc retains its fun and games while foreshadowing the deeper waters ahead.

Water Seven (20 Episodes): The multifaceted story involving the shipwrights of Water Seven and the secrets of CP9 is condensed into twenty episodes. One Pace adeptly covers the emotional spectrum and the shocking revelations with a narrative tightness that amplifies the impact.

Enies Lobby (25 Episodes): The climactic battle to save Robin and declare war against the World Government is delivered in twenty-five episodes. One Pace maintains the arc’s high-octane action and emotional depth, ensuring the powerful narrative beats hit home.

Post-Enies Lobby (5 Episodes): The fallout from the epic battle, including the crew’s new bounties and Franky’s decision, is neatly packaged in five episodes. One Pace ensures this arc serves as a satisfying denouement to the Water Seven saga.

Thriller Bark (22 Episodes): The spooky and bizarre experiences of the Straw Hats on Thriller Bark are crafted into twenty-two episodes. One Pace effectively captures the arc’s unique blend of horror, humor, and action while introducing the enigmatic Brook.

Sabaody Archipelago (11 Episodes): The prelude to the Summit War saga, with its introduction to the dark underbelly of the One Piece world, is brought to life in eleven episodes. One Pace hones in on the escalating tension and the crew’s ultimate dispersion.

Amazon Lily (5 Episodes): Luffy’s adventure in the land of women warriors is encapsulated in five episodes. One Pace retains the arc’s narrative significance, including Luffy’s encounters with Boa Hancock and the Amazonians, while adding depth to his character.

Impel Down (10 Episodes): The desperate infiltration into the underwater prison and the formation of unlikely alliances are condensed into ten episodes. One Pace delivers this high-stakes breakout story with a sense of urgency and camaraderie.

Marineford (17 Episodes): The war that shook the world and changed the fate of the Straw Hats is powerfully retold in seventeen episodes. One Pace preserves the arc’s grandeur and heartbreak, ensuring the narrative’s cornerstone events are given their due gravity.

Post-War (8 Episodes): In the aftermath of the battle at Marineford, the world reels from the impacts of war, and the Straw Hats must come to terms with their own futures. One Pace presents this reflective arc in 8 episodes, focusing on the emotional development of the crew and the shifting tides of the world order.

Return to Sabaody (3 Episodes): The reunion of the Straw Hat Pirates after their individual journeys during the time skip is expertly captured in 3 episodes. One Pace highlights the growth and renewed resolve of each member as they prepare to take on the challenges of the New World.

Fishman Island (24 Episodes): The crew’s underwater adventure to Fishman Island and their confrontation with deep-seated prejudice and ancient grudges are condensed into 24 episodes. One Pace ensures the arc’s essential themes of equality and friendship are front and center.

Punk Hazard (22 Episodes): The hazardous island with its dual climates sets the stage for a clash with Caesar Clown and the introduction of the nefarious underworld dealings. One Pace edits this arc into 22 episodes, maintaining its sense of danger and the buildup to future conflicts.

Dressrosa (48 Episodes): The complex tale of Dressrosa, with its gladiator battles, the usurper Doflamingo, and the tragic history of the kingdom, is given a comprehensive edit into 48 episodes. One Pace weaves through the intricate plotlines to present a coherent and thrilling narrative.

Zou (10 Episodes): The mysterious elephant island and the revelations it holds about the poneglyphs are distilled into 10 episodes. One Pace captures the sense of wonder and the crucial lore that Zou contributes to the overall saga.

Whole Cake Island (39 Episodes): Sanji’s arranged marriage and the confrontation with the Big Mom Pirates take center stage in 39 episodes. One Pace trims the arc to its narrative essentials, highlighting the emotional turmoil, the strategic battles, and the depth of the Straw Hats’ loyalty.

Reverie (3 Episodes): The world’s leaders gather, and significant political moves are made in a brief but impactful 3 episodes. One Pace ensures the gravity of the Reverie and its implications for the world are conveyed with precision and clarity.

Wano (40 Episodes): The land of samurai and its closed-off culture, along with the oppression under Kaido, are explored in 40 episodes. One Pace manages to streamline one of the most complex arcs without losing the nuances of the rebellion and the rich Wano lore.

Egghead (X Episodes): As the latest arc in the Straw Hats’ saga, Egghead’s episode count is not specified. One Pace’s treatment of this arc will likely follow its tradition of focusing on the pivotal moments, character developments, and key battles that drive the story forward.

Where Can I Watch One Pace?

To watch the condensed episodes of One Piece offered by the One Pace project, head to the official website, or simply on our website The site provides a straightforward platform for fans to access the edited arcs easily. While One Pace is a fan-led initiative and not an official distribution, it serves as a complement to the original series for those seeking a shorter version.


One Pace stands as an ingenious solution for those yearning to traverse the grand tale of One Piece without the daunting commitment of over a thousand episodes. With the project’s total episode count standing at 427, it significantly shortens the voyage while still capturing the full spirit and adventure of the Straw Hat Pirates’ journey.

This fan-driven initiative allows newcomers to embark on the adventure and seasoned fans to revisit their favorite moments without the extensive time investment typically required. The One Pace team’s commitment to maintaining the essence of the story, amidst a sea of content, is truly praiseworthy, making the epic narrative of One Piece accessible to an even wider audience and showcasing the profound impact of community-led projects in the world of anime.